We Promise Grandeur and Exclusivity

Our accessories are high in utility and super comfortable in their form. From a wide collection of the handiest tools, you will discover than you intended to buy here. Indeed, every other product you come across will make you realize you’ve needed this your entire life but didn’t realize it until today!

Nail Files

A trim is not enough. Your nails need more than just a cut and that is where the need to file them comes. Our filers keep your nails in a uniform shape and length while preventing the fear of breaking. Getting jagged, frayed, or even having the cuticle damaged. .

Cuticle Pushers

Get your nails looking longer and prettier with our cuticle pusher. It works wonders to amplify the look of your nails alongside keeping them healthy. All you have to do is soak your hands in warm water and commence your operations right away! .

Home DIY Nail Care Kit

Why rush to the salon when you have our home DIY Nail Care Kit available right here. Every time you feel like your hands and feet need a little help to feel softer, unpack the kit and get started with your home treatment at your couch only.

Something’s Missing!

As you put on that cute top you’ve been waiting to look gorgeous in for days, you’re all smiles and flaunting the prettiness. But do you feel there’s something missing? Maybe it’s those cute little ear rings, those cool shades, or a showy belt on your high-waisted jeans. Well, it’s exactly that!

Topping the Chic Look Off With the Bang-On Accessories

It’s the accessories that are the cherry on top when you are all dolled up and ready to go. Wear a pair of matching hoops and carry a sparking bag along wherever you go. Indeed, a look is never complete without the little add-ons that pour that bonus appeal in your look.

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