Your Salon Is Just Down the Hallway

You needn’t go all the way for a manicure or pedicure that is way too heavy on your pocket. With our nail care and styling products available right here, your salon visits can be covered at home only!

Let the Grace Shower Like Confetti

From rejuvenating your discolored nails to sprinkling some pizzazz on them, we give your hands a much-needed makeover. Our nail polish wraps are your fashion heroes when you want something easy to apply and extremely elegant on your nails.

Made from the most top-rate ingredients, our nail polish wraps will preserve the delicacy of your nails and make them look gorgeous at the same time. Our nail wrap designs are the most elegant in their pattern and form which is what makes them a must-have in your makeup box!

Applying the Nail Wrap for the Final Touches

  1. Choose a nail strip that matches your nail size the best
  2. Peel the clear protective plastic away and remove it from the backing
  3. Next, gently line up the wrap’s curved end with the heel of your nail
  4. Adhere the nail wrap by gently pressing it to your nail from the center out
  5. To make the nail wrap fit perfectly, you can stretch the nail wrap slightly
  6. File the excess nail wrap off and you’re good to go!

Your Artistry Calls for the Majestic Nail Goodies

Basic nails with no color on is super boring. No matter where you are, be it at home or in a party, your nails should be a source of euphoria for you. And so, our nail strips fulfill this need quite fitly. Our collection gives your skills the right resources to put to work and attain picture-perfect nails. And well, your inner diva needs it badly!

Get the Canvas Ready for a Brush of Sweet Colors

Your nails being the canvas, we help you paint them with the most charming colors. From the blood reds to the smoky greys, our nail wraps give you a diverse variety of shades you won’t find elsewhere. There’s every chance you find a new tone in every color and get hooked to it!

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