Return Policy

$15 standard fee

Return Policies

Only under certain circumstances are returns allowed and this is at the discretion of the owner There will be NO returns on mystery purchases or wholesale orders. We have a strict return policy due to reps’ payments being processed immediately. Any return concerns please email me at Please allow 2 days for a reply I will answer ASAP thank you

Parties policy

Any rep wanting to do a party must email me at in 2 days prior to the start of the party with all party info including; name of host, dates of the party, platform on which the party will be held (Facebook Instagram etc.) and which rep will be heading the party. If you agree to do a party swap with another company YOU MUST hold up to your end of the deal 1st offence I will talk to you regarding the issue. 2nd offence you will be banned as a representative of the company immediately. Parties will last no longer than 7 days (Company will only give rewards for 7 days anything longer the rep will be responsible for the discount to the host.). After each party the host will receive a coupon for her next order depending on what was made during their party which is as follows: 10% coupon if sales were between $0-$100.00, 20% coupon for sales between $101. - 200, 30% coupon for $201-$300, and 40% coupon for $301 and above. Reps may hold their parties on the platform of their choice for example Facebook, Instagram etc. IF you have any questions about parties please seek answers from your upline 1st then message me if you need to.


Each order of nail wraps will come with a kit including; 2 alcohol prep pads, nail file, wooden cuticle pusher, instructions business card. Meaning if you order 10 nail wraps you will receive 10 kits except wholesale orders whole sale orders must order the accessories wholesale separately. Please be respectful to others DO NOT BASH OTHER nail wrap COMPANIES.

Honesty is the BEST POLICY. Please always be honest. You represent this company with everything you do please remember that.

*Policies are subject to change at owner’s discretion at any time. If policies change all reps will be notified ASAP.

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