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$15 standard fee

Shipping Policy

All orders will be shipped within 2 business days, except holidays. Shipping time varies depending on USPS, please understand i have NO CONTROL over how long shipping takes on your packages. However, packages usually DO NOT take longer than 3 days. All customer orders will receive a tracking number via email as soon as the order is filled.

Policies for Reps Only

All Reps will be asked to fill out a w-9 form for tax purposes You may NOT sell or advertise Simply Mystical nails in the same group as another nail polish wraps company. You MAY sell other nail wraps from other companies just create a separate group for simply mystical nails please. You may NOT scam anyone in any way this includes party swaps, and merchandise exchanges, or you will be banned from the company immediately. We do not allow lying or cheating and we all need to be respectful of each other No rude comments will be tolerated. Customer complaints need to be emailed to owner Misty Blades to be handled this includes wrong merchandise received, damaged products etc. please email or message me for any and all customer complaints. Do NOT down talk other companies selling wraps please this makes not only you look bad but also makes my company look bad as well. I ask all reps to send me a friend request so that you can easily reach me at any time. Reps if you have any issues or questions or concerns please email me at sales@simplymysticalllc.com or message me on Facebook I will answer within 48 business hours excluding holidays. Reps will be paid upon checkout of customer purchase this includes commissions and downline pay. If you forget your code more than 3x I will NOT fix it, be responsible with your business pleasures MAY NOT SHARE THEIR DISCOUNT CODE WITH ANYONE FOR ANY REASON OR YOU WILL BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY. Reps if you need immediate assistance with something and can't reach your up line, or she does not know the answer please message on Facebook messenger as this will probably be answered much faster thank you

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